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Ways to Stay Cool in Summer

  1. According to Ayurveda, people’s bile becomes intense in summer. So if you want to maintain coolness in the body, first of all you have to eliminate biliary foods. Exclude winter vegetables such as carrots, cauliflower, beets, cabbage from the summer diet. Replace fruits like cucumber, shrimp, patal, pumpkin, squash and fruits like watermelon, footi, ​​bell, apple etc. After a few days, the mango will rise, then you can eat mango safely. Each fruit and vegetable contains more water, which will keep the body cool. Also, don’t forget to eat yogurt whey, coconut water etc. The less you eat cheese, oil, spices, grills, more peppers, oranges, etc., the better.
  2. Do not give too long gap between meals. Acid on an empty stomach, bile all exaggerate. Eat the heaviest food in the middle of the day (i.e. during lunch break), even if you play light at night. More salads and fruits should be eaten at this time.
  3. Take a bath with pure coconut oil on your head and body, it will definitely reduce the level of heat rash on your skin. Coconut oil also acts as a sunscreen, so it is widely used in the equatorial region.
  4. He doesn’t want to have tea or coffee on a hot day. Drink sherbet at room temperature. Stay away from ice-cold drinks, it also warms the body.
  5. A lot of water comes out of the body with sweat in the heat. You need to drink extra water to replenish that water. Water is needed to keep the body cells alive. . Forget about meat, eggs and fatty foods. Eat more liquid food, coconut water, watermelon. . Wear light colored clothes in this summer. Darker colored clothing absorbs more sun and feels hotter. It is best to wear white. Do not wear synthetic clothing in hot weather. Always try to wear cotton and loose clothing. . Try to walk through the shadows. When you go out in the sun, keep a wide cap, scarf or umbrella on your head. When you get on a rickshaw, lift the hood. Apply sunscreen cream or lotion on the skin.
  6. Only do heavy exercise when nature has cooled down early in the morning or in the evening. Exercising heavily in the sun can cause a variety of problems, starting with muscle cramps.
  7. Quit if you have a habit of smoking. Smoking makes the body hotter.
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