During the summer season, it becomes a must to eat the liquid food more and more. At that time the juicy fruits become an alternative for us. Watermelon is one of the most demanding fruit in Bangladesh. At that time the watermelon sellers get a huge profit by selling these watermelons. That’s why cultivation or the farming of it also is a profitable business. Maybe you are also interested in it. That’s why we will be going through the farming of watermelon in Bangladesh today. Have a look at the post.

Cost While producing watermelons:

First of all, we will be looking at the matter that how much money do you need to start it. For that, we will have to see different production costs. If you keep the latest update then you will see that per watermelon the production cost is 20 Tk up to 25 tk. Again, For selling the farmers need to take it in the urban area. At that time the transport cost stands 14-20 TK per watermelon as per the weight. And a farmer who produces it sells at the cost of 90 Tk to 120 tk. All of the above information is for a 10 Kg watermelon. You can make a quick calculation based on this. Again, if you are not a farmer. You can be a Wholesaler or a retail seller. At that time, 10 kg will cost 120 tk to 160 tk. On the other hand, a retail seller sells it on 360 tk. The above census can easily give you a good idea about the Watermelon business I think. It will bring many profits, whether you are a farmer or a retail seller.

Some examples for making you inspired:

If you have looked on tv news reports, you will see that watermelon producers and sellers are having a revolution in this sector. In a report, it has been shown that a farmer named Anisur Rahaman produced watermelon on half-acre land. And it costs about 45000 Tk for producing watermelons in that land. He also said that he hoped to get 90000 Tk for it by selling the watermelons. Can you imagine? Double money is coming to him. A huge profit. Again, for more details, we can see what retail seller Idris Bepari is saying. He said that they collect watermelons of an acre of land. And they had to pay 4-5 lakh Tk. This is the scenario nowadays. You can be a retails seller it doesn’t fact. Profit is the fact.

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Photo by Anderson Martins on Pexels.com

Cautions for Farming Watermelons:

You have to look at a few things while you produce watermelons. And now we will be talking about the cautions. The cautions are discussed below:

1. An open field: Vines of Watermelons can reach up to 20 feet. That’s why you will need an open field for Farming watermelons.

2. Balanced Fertilizer: Fertilizer is an important fact for producing watermelons. That’s you will need a balanced fertilizer that is high in protein.

3. Keep an eye when it ripe: It’s much difficult to identify whether a watermelon is ripe or not. That’s why it is seen that most of the time it becomes wastage for them who are new in this. Keep an eye on it. You can watch videos for this on YouTube.


Watermelon farming in Bangladesh is a very much profitable business. That’s why some balanced steps can give you better feedback. Try your best to be attached with. Not only for this but also for every work.


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