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Want to be An Owner of A Company Like Amazon?

Part 1

Amazon is a Technology Company that mainly focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, and AI( Artificial Intelligence). Along with the other three that is Google, Facebook, and Apple it is considered one of the Big Four industries in the US. 

The founder of Amazon is Jeff Bezos who started it on 5th July 1994. At first, it was launched as an Online Marketplace for selling Books. But over time, it expanded its business to sell electronics, software, video games, apparel, and jewelry.

Now, Amazon is known as the world’s largest Online Marketplace, AI assistant provider, and cloud computing platform. Side by side Amazon has created some subsidiaries for expanding its services. There are more than 40 subsidiaries of Amazon which is increasing day by day.

At this part of our discussion, we will talk about Amazon’s Subsidiaries. So let’s jump into it-

One of the former subsidiaries of Amazon is the The main of this is to develop Search Engine and Search Advertising Technology. The bases of are in Palo Alto and California. There are also some teams of in some cities like  Bangalore in India, Beijing in China, Dublin, Last, Munich, and Tokyo of Japan. Some of the projects of are Search Portal, Open Search, BlockView, Clickriver, Community Question Answering, and Cloud Search.

Annapurna Labs

Annapurna Labs is mainly an Israel Based Microelectronics Company which is acquired by Amazon a few years ago.  It was named after a Himalayan  Peak which is called The Annapurna Massif.  The Co-founder is Billic Hrvoje. The main products of Annapurna Labs are – AL212,  Al314, AL324, AL514, AL5140, AWS GRAVITATION, AWS Inferential. Most of these are related to the CPU of computers. For more information, You can have a look at their Website-

The main service of is all about it sounds like. They mainly provide services like the audiobook and podcasts. This allows you to purchase stream audiobooks and spoken word content. Buyers can easily purchase any kind of item from here. Only you have to get a subscription to audible or amazon and then you will be allowed to purchase their items. For more updates please have a visit to-

Junglee/Amazon India

Sounds like wild, but it’s not about the wild services. It’s mainly a former shopping service that created opportunities for customers to search for products from online and offline retailers in India. Amazon Junglee is now disabled and the name is replaced by Amazon India. Yes, this shopping service is now available for the Indians only. Here you can have a detail for the jungle-


Shelfari is mainly the Social Cataloging Website of Amazon services.  The users of Shelfari create virtual Bookshelves of the titles/books they owned. The users have the facility of tagging reviewing and discussing their books also. Now it is known as the Goodreads as Shelfari merged into  Goodreads in 2016.  You can get a closer look at the website-

The is an e-commerce platform owned by Amazon. It is an English-Arabic Language-Based e-commerce Platform. It is known as the largest e-commerce platform in the Arab World.  In the Arab Countries, also has some divisions. Such as you will get in the UAE and the same service is known as the in KSA.  Get a closer look at it- 


Twitch is mainly a live streaming service which is mainly operated by  Twitch Interactive. Twitch interactive is the subsidiary here that mainly focuses on  Video Game Live Streaming, including the broadcasts of the E-sports events. In addition to this recently the creative content and real lifestreams have been added. Here you can pay a visit to – 


Comixology or Iconology Inc. is mainly a cloud-based digital distribution for comics. It contains over 200 million comic downloads as of September 2013. This will provide you with comic books, graphic novels, and manga across  Android, IOS, Kindle Fire, and Windows 10. This also provides the facility for sellers to participate in comic sales. So, for having the taste of ComiXology you can pay a visit to-

Create Space

Another subsidiary of Amazon is Create Space. This mainly provides a user to publish independent content. The independent contents mainly include written contents, books, films, and music labels. Such this create space mainly gives you the chance to create your impression. Website- 


Eero is one of the best subsidiaries of Amazon which mainly works as a manufacturer of Routers. This manufacturer company was founded in 2015.  The main head office of Eero is in San Fransisco. Amazon announced it would buy Eero in 2019. Website- 


Especially for the Home Security, Ring is one of the best subsidiaries of Amazon. Why it is best? It’s best because it is providing you with Home Security and Smart Home appliances. Here you will be provided with the products like Incorporate Outdoor Motion Detecting Cameras  including Ring Video Doorbell. Ring also holds an App which is called Neighbors that is used for online sharing. Website- 

Amazon Lab126

Lab126 is mainly a company which serves the facilities like Research & Development and Computer Hardware Services. It was founded in 2004 by George Zehr. The main base of it is in Sunnyvale, California. Worldwide it is highly known for Developing the Kindle line of e-readers and tablets. Website- 

Kupier Systems

Another Subsidiary of Amazon is Kupier Systems LLC. It deploys a broadband satellite internet constellation. Yes, it works to provide you with the Broadband Internet Connectivity. This deployment is also referred to by its Project’s name. That is The ” Project Kuiper”. They announced that it would be investing 10 billion Us dollars in deploying it.


This subsidiary of Amazon started their business as a small online retailer of Shoes. But nowadays they started to sell  Clothing, Handbags, and More. They will provide you with the best customer services which are included in their more services. Website-     

Abe Books

It sounds like its name. Yeah, It’s services are related to books. But you will get some other services like fine arts and collectibles where you can buy your desired thing. One can also buy the used books at a low rate to fill their bookshelves. For more things visit- 

Book Depository

Book Depository one of the unique retailers of books for its offers. Book Depository is well known for it’s Worldwide Free Delivery. Their main vision is to supply “All books available to All”. They are now working behind it.  


Shopbop is another online retail destination for modern style. It will offer you a comprehensive, hand-picked collection of accessories from the industry’s best designers. It was merged between Amazon in 2006. Website- 


Woot is mainly a deals site. This is offering you the best deals until the product is sold out. They are having special offers for everyone every day. This deal site was founded in 2004 and snatched by Amazon in 2010. Website- /


 Zoox is Providing autonomous driving services in complex environments. Side by side you will be provided with the Instant On-Demand Mobility and Purpose Built Vehicle facility. Website- 


Tenmarks is mainly a blog for discussion. But it’s not about the discussion of Politics matters. It serves you with the facility to discuss best practices in Math Education. website- 


The main service of Alexa is to provide you with the highest and best Analytics Tools. It’s very much good for you if you are a Website owner or developer. This will help you to get thousands of visitors to your website through services like keyword research, Seo checker, etc. Website-

The full form of IMDB is Internet Movie Database Inc. Another subsidiary, I think it’s well known to the movie lovers. Why? Because it provides information about films. It was founded in 2007. Main website- 


Aws the full form stands Amazon Web services. It’s a broadly adopted cloud platform. There are 175 services it’s offering to you. Thousands of customers including leading  Government Agencies are now using it. website-

Amazon Air

Amazon Air which was formerly known as the Amazon Prime Air. The main services that they are providing are Cargo Airline Services. Side by side you are getting Drone Delivery Services from them-, Website- 

Pill Pack

Sound like a pill, huh? Yes, the Pill pack is an online platform that is providing you with the best medical services. The customers of the Pill pack Visit it once in a week. Yes, that is showing how much good it is. Website- 

Blink Home

Blink Home is an online-based platform that mainly provides you with the accessories that are needed for the security of your home. Battery-powered and a wireless camera can be used for the security of home. Battery Powered means it can be used when electricity is gone. Website-  

Amazon Games

 Amazon Game Services is well known to the game lovers. They publish new games throughout the year. Throughout the year the work on several projects. Their hard work has taken them to the highest level. Website- 

Amazon Robotics

Sounds like Robot and it’s all about. They started their work to get simple solutions to Complex Problems. They will drive your problems towards a smarter and faster solution. They are also having robot services for simple Solutions. Website-

That’s all about the Subsidiary of Amazon and the more are left which have similar functionalities like the above one. Their services are also similar to the above. You can have a look at them by the following link-

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