Some Funny Websites That You’ve Ever Seen


There are billions of websites in the internet world. In the meantime, today I will introduce you to some interesting websites. Some websites are very funny and some are very useful. So let’s not exaggerate.

1.Windows 93: This is a fun website where you can play with Windows 93. The operating system at the time was exactly the same. There are also some default games from that period. Link:  

2.Have I Been Pawned?: If you enter your email address on this website, they will inform you whether or not your password has been used elsewhere, as well as how secure it is. But it did not appeal to me. If you send them your email address, how do they know your password? Link:  

3. Down For Everyone or Just Me?: You can test any website here if you can’t access it. If you type in the website’s URL, it will inform you whether the site is down or whether your issue is unique.   Link:  

4. Get Human: It appears to be the most useful of the sites discovered. If you type in the name of a company, the website will provide you with all of the company’s customer service contact information. The site may also be able to help with some common issues. Link:  

5. Which Book: This website is primarily for bookworms. However, if you want to start reading new books, go to this website. There are several categories to choose from. When you set your exams, a precise book will be generated.And the category system is awe-inspiring. In this way, it is impossible to describe the category structure in prose. Link:  

6. VirusTotal: Google is the owner of the domain. Almost all virus scanner apps can search for a file or page on this website if you have a connection to it. Also, phishing sites are detected by the website. Link:  

7. Pixabay: It didn’t appeal to me at all. Since Google is capable of doing so. That was also something I gave. You can find any kind of high-quality wallpaper or picture by simply typing it onto this site and searching. However, as you can see, downloading high-quality images from Google is a bit of a pain. Link:  

8. Multiplayer Game: I’m sure you’ll enjoy this website! As a kid, I used to play a lot of snake games. You can start playing this multiplayer game as soon as you reach the website. Let’s look at some cool, fun, and useful websites where you could find someone playing the game with you from all over the world.. Link:  

9. VideoVak: This place is for those who like TV shows but are bad, such as myself. There are numerous free TV series available. You are welcome to come and take a look. There are also lesser-known pages, despite the fact that many people are aware of them. You can use IDM to download and watch from the web, or you can stream if you prefer. Link:


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