Do you know, what is the most famous food of Japan all across the world? The answer will always be ‘Sushi’. You are assuredly going to praise it for your lifetime once you just touch it with your tongue. Don’t get surprised. Today in our whole article we will be introducing this interesting, flavourful and traditional Japanese food. What is Sushi? This is considered the most traditional Japanese dish in the world. It is prepared with raw fish, which is further fermented with rice vinegar, rice, salt and some other vegetables. But with the final dish, the rice is discarded. This technique was traced in the old Chinese cultures and in some southeast Asian and Korean communities. Here the fish does not get spoiled due to the lacto-fermentation of rice. Thus this dish can be preserved for a long period of time. What are the types of Sushi: Such a famous dish, won’t have any variation? Though the word ‘Sushi’ contains ‘Su’ at the beginning, it is not pronounced as ‘Su’, many people like to call it as ‘zu’. This is worldly known the pronunciation of ‘Sushi’. There are different varieties of Sushi are found all over the world. It is to remember that, most of these are originated from China and Japan. Amongst tons of variations, here are mentioned only the famous and most delicious ones-

close up photo of sushi served on table
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1. Chirashizushi: This dish is well known for its simplicity to prepare and its nutrition. Chirashizushi is sometimes called ‘scattered sushi. It is served with a bowl. There is rice beneath it and on the top variety of raw fishes and vegetables are scattered. The smell will surely make you muzzy once you take it.

2. Makizushi: This is called the ‘rolled sushi’. Cucumber, lotus root, stripes of tamagoyaki omelet, tinny fish roe, white fish, chopped tuna, and a variety of other ingredients are rolled with a bamboo mat. This bamboo mat is known as ‘Makisu’. Some short-grain white or brown rice is also used in this dish.


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