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Keto Diet | Ultimate Diet

Having trouble with your tummy? Or Is it creating a shameful and awkward situation for you? Then diet can be a great remedy for you. It will make your bot inner and outward happy. Again, diets are also categorized in many sectors. Among that keto diet is one of the main parts. And very much helpful for burning the fat and making your tummy slim one. Today we will be going through this keto diet topic. Have a look at journalexi’s page. Let’s start.

What is Keto diet?

First of all, we have to know that what is keto diet mainly is? Actually, it is a kind of diet with low carb, where the body will produce ketones in the liver. And these ketones will supply the energy for physiological functions.
Between normal diet and the keto diet, there are some differences. That’s why a normal diet can be done by anyone. But the keto diet can’t be.
We will have a look at the differences.

  1. First of all, in the keto diet, the amount of fat is higher Where in normal one amount of carbohydrate is higher.
  2. In normal diet the carbohydrate type of food supply full energy, but in keto diet fat gives the energy.

According to a different institution, the amount of fat is 75% in the keto diet. Whereas in normal diet the amount carbohydrate is higher specifically, 50 to 60%.

Keto diet is also termed as Military diet for it’s procedures and the Out comings.

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Types of keto diet

If we have a look at the classification the keto diet is mainly divided into 4 types. Types are briefly discussed below:

  1. Standard ketogenic Diet: In this type of keto diet, the amount of fat is 70 percent. Again the amount of carbohydrate is 5% and protein is 20%.
  2. Cyclical ketogenic Diet: Cyclical ketogenic diet doesn’t have boundaries like the standard one. It allows you to eat carbohydrate types of food twice a week.
  3. Targeted ketogenic diet: This type of keto diet has a different kind of criteria. It allows you to eat carbohydrate type of food before or after exercise.
  4. High protein ketogenic Diet: It is quite similar as the Standard ketogenic diet. But there are a few differences. Like, in this type amount of fat is 60 percent while the amount of protein increased 10% and stands at 35%. Lastly, 5% carbohydrate.

Some cautious before you do it!!

A Keto diet isn’t a necessary thing. But if you take it by thinking it as a must. Then you are gonna suffer. Why?
The reason is crystal clear. In this diet the amount of fat is high. That’s why problems like, thyroid problems, kidney stones can occur.

A famous nutritionist, Azizun Nahar told that the keto diet is for wealthy people who have the ability to go to the gym and blah. Normal people don’t need it.

Again if you take it without any suggestion of others, then you are gonna suffer. Because it not only decrease your fat but also can make great harm to the body.

Hope you have gained the main knowledge about the keto diet. Today we are ending here. If you have any question then write down in the comment section.


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