A recent study has come up with sensational information. That is, if you go into space, age will stop. The hair will not be twisted or bald. The skin will not be wrinkled.   It is known that astronaut Scott Kelly was in space for more than a year. Brother Mark Kelly was there to greet Scott when he returned to Earth after spending 362 days in space. NASA scientists were shocked to see the two brothers side by side. Scott-Mark is a twin brother. But Scott, who has spent space, looked a lot younger than Mark. That is not supposed to happen. Even a year ago, no one could find any difference between the twins. Scientists did not sit idly by. The two began to study the genes. The human body contains a small packet-like object at the end of the chromosome, which contains the DNA of the cell. The age of the impression is caught. As time goes by, the packet shrinks and shrinks. In the case of Scott, the opposite is seen.   However, the growth and comma of this packet depend a lot on one’s diet and lifestyle. The more calorie-eating foods and exercise, the later the aging process in the body. In the last year, he has eaten calorie-measured food in space. He needs a lot of physical exercise in space. The combination of the two makes Scott look younger than his twin brother. Sharma. Meanwhile, within a few days of returning to earth, Scott became ‘old’ like his brother.


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