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How to Puzzle Someone?

Puzzling someone can sometimes be dangerous and sometimes it is very funny and often becomes a memorable incident. It is an exceptional quality, which makes someone special and attractive to friends and other acquainted fellows. This is such an attribute of a human being, which can be learned. It is not something by born present to some special group of people. So if you also want to perplex your friends and brothers or sisters by puzzling them, then this article is for you. Stay with us till the end. We hope that your process of thinking and quality to impress someone at the first sight will assuredly be improved.

What is puzzling someone?

When you puzzle someone, it means you have done or said something which made your audience confused. So be sure before puzzling someone that your target person is not irritable or likely to become easily annoyed or impatient. Sometimes puzzling someone could be a surprise and sometimes it could happen to be a matter of anger and mistrust. So I am again threatening you to be certain before trying to puzzle anyone.

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How to puzzle someone positively?

Yeah, I have used the word ‘positively’ and I can guess that you know why I said it to puzzle someone positively. It is because puzzling someone could be dangerous if the target person is not that flexible. Now in this section of our article, I am going to share some tips and keys to remember while puzzling someone- Know the person you are dealing with: Yes, this is the very first thing that you need to be super confident on. If you don’t know the person properly you are going to puzzle, it could turn out to be something opposite. And most of the time, we do this mistake while puzzling someone. So be fully acquainted with the person you are going to puzzle. Grow the habit of the reading novel: Hey brother, could you please tell me how reading a novel can help to puzzle someone? Yeah, brother, I am saying the truth. You will notice the persons who are experts in confusing people and have the common habit to perplex you, read novels.

The question is How?

When you will be able to grow the habit of reading more and more mysterious, thrillers and detective novels, you will observe a significant change in yourself. You will start thinking like the mastermind people do. Are you excited? Yeah, if you are, then start reading and watching novels and movies like Sherlock Holmes, MindHuner, and so on so forth. Know some riddle and brain games: These things are going to help you to enlarge your scope of thinking. You can also use them to puzzle someone. On the internet, if you just look for, you will find thousands of riddles and puzzle games. Above all of these, don’t be a predictable person. Be someone who is hard to draw conclusions about. Grow up the art of speaking with your friends. Do positive and confuse your friends with positive vibes. Thank you.


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