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How to Learn Angular Js? Collect Your Freebie (e-Book)

What is Angular JS?

Angular Js is mainly an open-source web framework for the Front end web developer.  Another thing about it is Javascript Based and maintained by Google. It was initially released on 20th October of 2010. But the stable version was released 9 years later on 1st June 2020. Website- 

Where it is use?

Angular Js is used as the consisting of MongoDB database.  Side by side it is also used as the frontend of the MEAN stack.

Main Benefits-

There are also some other Javascript  Frameworks but what is the additional benefit or Angular Js? So let’s talk about it-

1.Two Way Data Binding-

One of the most useful features in Angular Js is Two Way data binding, It keeps the model and view and sync update all time.


Testing is an area where angular shines. Angular is designed with testing in mind right from the start Angular gives the facility to testes its component through URI testing and end-to-end testing. 

Sounds like crazy about this open-source framework. Why aren’t you starting it? You may have some reasons like not enough time or not enough Guida nce, isn’t it?  That’s why we are bringing you the latest and easiest Angular Js tutorial.

So, Without any further delay, Let’s just jump into it.   

1. First of all you have to download the Script file from  You can also get many references on the website as well as the Tutorials.

2. Second thing that you have to do is, linking the Js file in the header tag of your HTML script. Or you can also add references to the  Body Tag like this-   

<body ng-app=” “> 

Here the ng-app is mainly a director of it. There are several of them. You can easily find those on the website.

3. Now let’s run our first program- in the body section create body div tag  like this

<div ng-app>



Reload your html page  and you will have the correct result 30.  That was our first program.

Now again copy the code but don’t include the ng-app director. See what happen? 

Yes, The result was like- 10+20={{10+20}}. That means angular will not be responsible for your other portions except the ng-app area.

4. At this stage, write a code like-

<div >



You will get the result like, True . This the Boolean result in Angular Js.


At this stage, we will discuss the modules. So, what is the module mainly?  It is a container for different parts of an application. Such as directories, controllers  Which we will discuss later on. It is the main method of application.

Creating A module

For creating a module you have to use the function- angula.module . Let’s have a look how it’s look like-

<div ng-app=”myApp”>…</div>


var app=angular.module(“myApp”,[]);



Now we will have a look on Directives. It is mainly some functionality that you can use in your application. There are many built in directives which you can use. Also you can create some new ones in addition to the existing files.  Let’s just create one-

<div ng-app=”myApp” zack-test-directive></div>

<script>var app= angular.module(“myApp”,[]);

            app.directive(“zackTestDirective “,



                              template : ” I was made in a directive constructor!”




Angular Js Model

Ng-model/ Model is a kind of Directive which mainly binds the value of HTML controls to app data. Two-two binding is one of the best of it. So, let’s have a look how it works or how to is done-

<div ng-app=”myApp” ng-controller=”myCtrl”>

                           Name:<inout ng-model=”name”>

                                <h1>You entered: {{name}} </h1>


Above Two-two binding is mainly used in Data binding in Angular Js. }]);


Controllers are mainly regular javascript objects. These are used to control the application. Here ng-controller directive defines the Controllers in Javascript. It is created by the Javascript Object constructor. You will have an introduction to it in our Pdf module.

 Angularjs Scope

It is mainly a  binding between the HTML  and javascript code. It is available for both view and controller.  Now the question comes how to use it? Very easy! when we have created the controllers at that you just place $scope in it and that’s very easy I think. I’m having an example of it-


var app=angular.module(“myApp”,[];






You have to know which scope you are dealing with.  There is also another version of it that is a rotoscope. In our book, we will learn about it.


Services are mainly one kind of object in Angularjs that are used to or that are available for and limited to your app.  One of them is the $location. You can add in the function area along with the scope.



It is used to read data from the distance servers.  The service is mainly denoted by the sign  $http. Similarly as the previous one you can  add it like this.


There are several methods of it like delete, get, etc. We will discuss it later on.

Select Boxes

This lets you create the drop down lists of several items based on array and object.  If you want to create one you have to use one of the directives that are The ng-options Directive. There is also another one that is the ng-repeat, we will have a closer look in the future.

Angular Events

It has some own events. Those are mainly ng-blur, ng-change, ng-click and so many. It will be in our broad part.


This means or describes the current state of a user. What is the current state? The current state refers that whether your link is touched, modified, or not.


No, it’s not about your Japanese one. It is a kind of transformation of an HTML element that gives you an illusion of motion. To use this you have to include the Animate library in the header tag with the script.

Angular Application

We have talked a lot about modules and blah blah but didn’t get what is an application mainly is. So, let’s know about it. Let you want to create a shopping app. What do you need to do?  You need to create an app. In angular js, you have to start with our above procedure. Lastly, the above description was about the introductory part of Angular js. Now we will have the Total discussion in our book. Are you ready guys?

Don’t sleep. Let’s do it.

Founder & CEO, Visualexi


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