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How to Create Your Behance Account and Add Design?

Are you a creative person? Do you want to show your creativity to people around the globe and see how people are creative across the world? If you think so, then ‘Behance’ is obviously should be the number one choice for you. What is Behance? This is a kind of online platform for creative people. It is a part of Adobe and one of the leading online platforms to showcase and discover one’s creative work. If you consider yourself a creative person too, then you can also join Behance and within a community made with original work and creative process in mind and you can showcase your work in the form of profiles which is comprised of projects.

How to create your Behance account and add design?

Creating a Behance account is super easy for you. Just follow the below steps-

1.To create your Behance account all you need is an Adobe ID.

2. To create an Adobe ID, click on this link –

3. Click over the three-dot menu, you will see the sign-up option. Click here and Fill up the form to create your adobe id.

4. After that, you will be directed to your Behance URL and location. That’s all it is. Your Behance account has been created.

How to add Design on Behance:

1.If you are a designer and want to show your creative artwork to people and work with some expert designer, then after logging in to your account select your particular area of design. You will see them on your home page.

2. Now select the three-dot menu on the left corner of your screen. Click on ‘Create a project’.

3. You will see a page containing ‘ add content’ , ‘Edit Project’, and a couple of cells to upload your content.

4. You can upload a video or text or image or photo grid and so on.

5. Once you are there, I guess you will understand the following steps.

6. It is not a hard task, all you need is just to follow the prompts.

Tips to remember:

For the convenience of usage, you better should use the ‘Behance App’. Because sometimes it is very hard to work on web and do our desired tasks. Besides several advertisements and popping up windows may trigger your temper as well. Try to select your best work and upload it. Flaunt your medium whatever it is. Always try to keep your work simple and avoid your temptation to make your design an elaborated one. Above all, keep your Behance gallery fresh and decorate your portfolio with good descriptions and bio. I hope you did not have any trouble in making your first design and uploading it to the Behance account. Actually, this is such a platform, where you can get acquainted with a lot of geniuses and show your talent as well. In Behance, you can follow your favorite people and others can also follow your work, if they love it. Thank you. Stay tuned and be with Journalexi to enhance your arena of knowledge.


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