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How to Boost Your Facebook Post

A lot of times you have heard about Facebook page boosting, post boosting, and many more. But what this facebook page boosting is? How does it work? Why you need it? Do you ask yourself? 
Maybe not. But don’t worry we will talk about boosting and its benefits
throughout our discussion. So have a look at it. Let’s start-

What is Facebook Page Boosting?

Actually, Facebook page boosting is a kind of advertisement for your posts which are
existing on your business page. Is it free? No, it’s not. It’s a kind of paid advertisement
for which you have to pay. So, in a nutshell, you can say it as a paid ad that will
promote your business. 

Now, what is the benefit of it?

Yeah, you can ask about benefits. You are not going to give money to Facebook
without any reason. So, what is the reason?  
We all know that nowadays Facebook page is known as the business page also. But
why? The answer is simply you can earn from it. For this, you need followers on your

How followers will come?

Followers will come when your content will reach them. But is it possible for you to
reach 16 crore people of Bangladesh?  No, definitely not. For that reason, the page boost
has come as a facility. By using it you will be able to reach millions of people. Think
once how many followers you will get and it’s the main benefit of it. Hope you

Yeah, I got you. But how can I do it? I don’t know the process.

Don’t worry. As we mentioned earlier we will go through all things. So let’s have a
look at how to boost- 
Creating Boosted Posts requirements-

Before you begin you need some things.

a. Firstly, You’ll need a Facebook Page. So, Make sure you have a Page role that
allows you to advertise.
b. Secondly you need have a valid payment method. Don’t worry about it. We will
talk about it later on.

Hope you have those things. Then let’s start-

1.Create a boosted post

To create a boosted post:
a. Go to your Facebook Page.
b. Find the post you want to boost.
c. Tap Boost Post. Note: If you are unable to tap Boost Post or your post says Boost
Unavailable, boosting may be unavailable for this post.
d. Fill in the details for your ad. We’ll automatically use images and text from your
post, but you can choose the following details:
e. Audience: Choose a recommended audience or create a new audience based on
specific traits.
f. Total Budget: Select a recommended budget or provide a custom budget.
g. Duration: Select one of the suggested time frames or provide a specific end date.
h. Payment Method: Review your payment method. 

2.When you’re done, tap Boost

Help and support relating boost- 
Now if you are a beginner with Facebook what will you do. Another thing that is you
may not have any payment method like visa card, paypal or payoneer. What will you
do then? Don’t worry. Once upon a time it was difficult but now it is much easier.
Many Bangladeshi org are providing with such facilities. They will help you from
start to last. You can trust them and payment will also be done by them. 
Where will you find them? 

Haha. It’s a kind of joke. You are reading this post and saying where to go for help.
Haha. Brother, you have come to the right place. We are providing you with that
facility. We will be bearing everything. You can have trust in us. Our Visualexi company
has a high reputation for this kind of work. You can easily contact us or choose our
promoting service and that’s all. The remaining things will be done by us. So, if you
have any query please let us know. Hope you got me. Thank you for being with us.

Founder & CEO, Visualexi


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