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How to Be The Pythonista

What do you mean by ‘Pythonista’? Pythonista is a programmer who uses the python programming language to do his work. They are programmers who are Die-hard fans of the Python programming language. Pythonistas are the ones that always think of new ideas and create new things using Python

What is Python?

Python is mainly an object-oriented Programming Language which was created by Guido Van Rossum. It was first released in 1991. The recent stable version of it has come into the market in September of 2020 which was the 3.8.6 version of it. You can have a closer look at it by having a visit to their website that is-

Why it is famous?

Python is mainly famous and well known for its multi-purpose uses. One can use it in various IT sectors like web development, AI, Mobile App, and video games. The main usefulness of python is that it is easy to learn. More Specifically, It’s a readable programming language that you will not find in any other.

Tell me about 3 Benefits of it-

The first one that is it will increase your productivity and speed. Secondly, You will be allowed to use third party modules which are totally free of cost. Lastly, it’s open-source and uses for community development. That’s why it is so beneficial.

Why should I learn Python ?

So, now the question arises why should you learn it. But first, answer me Why shouldn’t you learn it? It is giving you the facility to work in the field like AI, Web development, and so many. Why language is offering you that much? and lastly the main thing is it is easy to learn. I hope you get it. So let’s have some quick view in it-

Installing and running it on your PC-

For the Download of it Just visit their official website and you will be guided in an easy way. That’s why we are not extending it much. Let’s just have a tutorial.

The intro is mainly about the main factor that is the Print command. In other languages, you will find you have to work a lot to get the result. For example, you can look at C. We will not go there. We will simply discuss python. So, for your first code just type

print(“I am jhon”)

Here, the Quotations are a must.

Python Syntax-
Python Syntax mainly refers to the Variables and Comments. What are the variables?  Variables are as like as the Container of some values. Let, X=4  where x is a variable. Now, Comment. A comment is mainly some line of code which are not shown in the result. Only for understanding purposes, we use it. In python, the Comments are shown by – # sign

Data types-
There are several data types in Python. These are Text type, Numeric Type, Sequence Type, Boolean Type, and Binary Types. For understanding, we are taking the Text types that are the String values.  Let, you have written, print(“Hello World”)
Here the Quoted Hello world is a string type data. The strings are shown always in the middle of Quotations. Otherwise, it will be like an error that is the- print(hello world), will not show any result.

Lists are a data type in Python. The main formula or general look of lists are like-
Toma=[“mm”,” mn”,”mnh”]
This is a kind of list in python.

Dictionaries are like ordered and changeable data types. You can index them side by side you can also add any item to them. Generally, it looks like-

 My_mom ={

If and else statement are very much interesting in python learning. Generally , these are some times work as a indentation at first. You can take a look on how it look likes-

if (b>a):
               print(“b is greater than a”)
               print:(“You are wrong”)

Loops In Python-
Loops are mainly of two types these are – While Loops and the For loops.  These are mainly used for avoiding the repeat of a code . Let, you want to create  a function which will show from 1-100. For this you needn’t  to write print(1) 100 times. By the for loop or while loop you can   easily do it. So, let’s see it-

while i<100:
              if i==3:

A function is a block of a program that is run when it is called. It helps you by avoiding the repeated use of codes. If you create a code for saying the hello world, you can use it unlimited times by calling it. See how it works-
def my_function():

               print(“Hello World”)

Here you need to call it by its name. Like-
my_function() .

Classes and Objects-
At the very beginning of our discussion, we have told that a python is an object oriented programming language. That is it deals objects. Let, you want to create a robot. Python will help you in creating it. You can give attributes to it. You can also edit the Objects. The special type of function that is needed for python objects is The init() function. So, let’s have a closer look at how it looks like.
class  person:

      def __init__(self,name,age):
                         self.age =age
      def  myfunc(self):
               print(“Hello my name is”+

It sounds like what it is. We all have come from our parents and they had also got parents. Thus an inheritance chain has been created throughout these years.  As like this, You will also found inheritance in python. That means you can create a parent class and call it several times by the child class. So look at the example we are having a class in the upper, so, now just call-
class student(person):

def  __init__(self, name,age):

The module is mainly a collection of function which you can use several times in your Application. You will be introduced fully in our book. So, for this time we are skipping it.

Pip is mainly some sort of package manager for python packages or modules which you like most. Generally, if you are using python 3.4 or earlier you are not getting it by default . So, you have to download in this case. That’s all about python introduction hope you get it. We will have a topic next onwards and comment below which you want read. Thanks.

NB- Some famous python tutorials by-


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