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Happy Halloween – The Mystery

Remembering the saints, dead, and martyrs all the Christians observe Halloween Day as a mark of remembrance and also a celebration. It’s interesting to say that they wear costumes to ward off ghosts. It was started very earlier and these days it is being celebrated in modern ways like jack-o-lanterns and trick or treating. Now we will have a small discussion on what it is and how it came. Without any further delay let’s start-

What is it and when it is observed?

 Halloween is also known as the Allhalloween or All Hallows Eve. This mainly indicates the day before Western Christians Feast of all saints and initiates the season of Allhallowtide. The Halloween celebration mainly lasts for 3 days. The starting day is 31st October and this is the Halloween Day mainly.

About this Halloween many people say many words. Some of them are like it is the Celebration of Halloween is influenced by the Cutting of Crops and many of them say it has originated from Samhain festival. So, we will have a look on the history of Halloween by this time. Let’s Jump into it-


Many people say many things about Halloween. So the exact history is a bit of confusing. But the most accepted concept is The Samhain festival. Most Christians believe that concept. By this time you can ask about the Samhain. So here I’m giving the answer.

It is also a concept of tricks and magic. People believed that the world of gods will be visible to mankind on this day. They also believed that gods played many tricks on their mortal worshippers.  This was used celebrated on 1st November. Actually, at that time they used to believe 1st November at the beginning of the year. They also have a faith that their dead relatives and family members will return home on this day. It was a kind of ancient belief you know.

Now let’s come to our main point about Halloween. We have seen that they used to think 1st November at the beginning of the year. Thus the Halloween came through the celebration of the last day of the year and remembrance of dead ones. People celebrate it as the celebration of Saints and ghosts and wait for their dead relatives. Now, you may have a doubt that how the day is celebrated. Do the souls really come? Don’t worry we will go through all of these.

Halloween Celebration

Halloween Day is celebrated very interestingly. You will be amazed after hearing it. So let’s start-
Halloween is mainly observed in England and Ireland with full swing. The things they arrange are quite interesting. One of the things is walking through the forests. In Poland, believers were taught to pray loudly and walking through the forests for the comfort of souls. In Spain and Japan, the believers toll the Church bell in order to remember the Dead persons.  Much Christian church observes it by fasting and praying on this day.

These were some sort of religious celebration. But out of this the modern Christians celebrate it by wearing costumes to ward off ghosts. Many of them draw the face of ghosts in pumpkin. You know this is available at this time. Some of them show tricks and read out ghost stories to the Children.

Actually, Halloween day is completely based on ancient beliefs. It‘s only for enjoyment. But many of the Christians give opinion against it. It’s all upon you. It depends on how you take it.

Thank you.

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