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Getting Free High-Quality Backlinks for Your WebSites

Backlink, this term is very familiar to those of us who work in the SEO world and is a bit confusing. I may be using this word to say “misleading” to many. In fact, many of us don’t know what the backlink is and how it works for our site. So let’s start our discussion with this backlink today.

Backlink is an external link that is to spread your website to many websites.

Basically, there are three reasons why a site is backlinked. 1. Creating authority, 2.Search engine rank, and 3.Increasing visitor numbers.

How to create a backlink? I will not confuse you here by telling you about the ways in which you are supposed to create those big backlinks.

I’ll share the tools I have in my own language and my own skills to create long-lasting backlinks of high quality.

1. The Internal Link Building

We have already learned about the internal link. Similarly, the role of the internal link in creating backlinks is much greater.  If you can create a link structure for other posts correctly with one of your posts, there will be a lot of good backlinks.  By creating links to other posts in one post, you will easily get more users for the rest of the posts by sending them there.

2.Guest posting

Guest posting is an excellent way to connect with new users with high-quality backlinks.

Guest posting or blogging is a website where you can create a profile and publish articles as a guest of the site.  When you write guest posts, you can easily provide a link to a post on your site or site as a resource.  As a result, visitors who read the guest post will navigate the link you created and visit your site.  By blogging guests you can easily bring lots of new visitors to your site by creating high-quality links.

3. Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is the most popular and widely used way to create blog-commenting backlinks, as many bloggers do. You must provide your post URL through the comments section of some blog sites related to your blog Topic or Niche.

You usually need to go to the comments section of the blog posts on those sites and write a good comment and give your site URL there.  If you can provide your blog post URL in the comments section of several such blog sites, there will be a lot of good backlinks.  However, in that case, you must be aware that the sites are the popular and high authority.

4.YouTube Video

There are many bloggers who have been helping YouTube channels to create backlinks from the beginning and are still effective.  And I would suggest that if you have a blog site, then open a YouTube channel.

We know how many views a YouTube video can get. If you start a YouTube channel.  And use the link to your blog site to create different videos on your blog topic in the decryption box of those videos.  And tell your subscribers or viewers via video that in case your blog site is visited, YouTube views will increase the number of visitors and backlinks to your site.

5.Social Media Platform

Social media platforms are really important to create high-quality backlinks, especially in 2020.  We all know how much traffic we can get from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  If you can create a good number of followers thereby creating pages or profiles on these social media platforms.  Then you can easily create backlinks and bring visitors to your site by sharing your blog articles or URLs.

6.Question-Answers & Forum Sites

Quora, Reddit, and Yahoo Answer have several high-authority question answers and forum sites that can create high-quality backlinks.  You need to create your own profile on these sites and add URLs to your website or blog site.  Also, people on these sites select questions that are related to your website.)  Enter a good quality answer to that question and add your article link to your site’s URL or resource.  When you have the answers to the questions you have, or many will read, there will be many new visitors to your site.  When you have visitors slowdown from the answer s/he or forum site, your website will be back linked.

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