Feeding Artificial Milk to A Baby Can Cause These 5 Deadly Symptoms


As long as the weak immature baby is not able to breastfeed, if the baby has a disease (measles, mumps, stomach ailments, etc.) or if the baby has a palate and cleft lip, artificial milk should be provided for the baby.
In addition to these reasons, many people choose artificial milk over breastfeeding because they are concerned that the beauty of their breasts will be distorted. It is very wrong to do that. The mother is also likely to get a serious disease in the future as the baby is harmed.

1) Flatulence and pain

Excess air is swallowed while eating, resulting in increased instability.

2) Nausea

-It can happen when there is a lot of air in the stomach and flatulence. Playing too much at any time can cause vomiting. Vomiting is seen when eating is never tolerated. (If you vomit despite taking care of everything, you should see a doctor to find out the cause of the disease.)

charming african american boy feeding cute little baby from bottle
Photo by Keira Burton on Pexels.com

3) Constipation

Eating less can cause constipation. The amount of milk, water and sugar or sweets can be cured if it is right.

4) Thin toilet

If the artificial milk contains too much sweet or fat, then the stomach can not tolerate it, then there is a thin stool. The main reason is that if the milk germs are contaminated during the preparation or feeding of milk, the baby has a thin stool.

5) Weight loss

The biggest reason for weight loss in artificial milk is that children get less nutrition than the actual amount if they do not know the nutritional value of low feeding, milk or powdered milk or mix it wrong. The mother has to take care of her and increase her food level to see her improvement.

Feeding method
In my opinion, feeding a baby in an oyster bowl is more scientific than a bottle. Even if you feed in a bottle, you should always try to feed in a glass bottle instead of a plastic bottle. Therefore, breastfeeding a child for at least three months reduces the incidence of the disease.


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