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Don’t Use color on Stray Dog and Animals in Holi Festival

Tomorrow is the Holi festival. The reason this post is given is to warn you about some special things. Maybe many people will play with color tomorrow (in holi festival), bring different colors and mix them in water and throw them each other. Please. Of course you do. But I warn you not to put Holi color on stray dog ​​& cat. Neither powder nor water …

color on stray dogs

They may have skin rashes (especially on puppies). Their skin thickness is very thin which can cause itching of the skin. You will take a bath by applying color. But that way you don’t even think about picking up the colors applied to the dogs. You don’t remember. And still do not pay attention. But they will be licking those parts of their body with their tongues. The colors will go to the stomach.Although the colors have organic labels on the packets, they contain 50-60% toxic materials that go directly into their stomachs. Moreover, powder color is more harmful for them. You may feel the color, that’s why you can play with the color. But they never seem to have an external feels for the color in their mind. So you can’t give them the demonic pleasure that you get on Holi by applying this color. They will continue to lick like dust and dirt. And they will take your unseen death as your own or suffer mental stress lying on the corner of the road. You will walk past him but you will not understand by looking at his face. Because he doesn’t take my demonic pleasure like you, he doesn’t show off himself. Please, play with your demonic pleasures, refrain from painting or pouring paint on all the animals above them.

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