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Area-51 – The Hidden Myth

Area 51 is mainly a highly classified USAF facility which is located within the Nevada Test and Training Range of the US air force. It’s mainly controlled by the Edwards Air Force Base. Officially Homey Airport for its geographical location. 

Now The Question Arises What’s the hidden truth behind it. Isn’t it an Airbase only? 

No, it’s not only an Airbase but also controls some other operations which are beyond our thoughts. For this, we have to look at the history of it. So let’s have a look at it.


 The main story of it started from the U-2 Reconnaissance Aircraft. After the second World war, a bit later the Soviet Union lowered the iron curtain around it. The Soviet Union also supported North Korea’s invasion of South Korea in June 1950. The US Government became so much worried about would. What would happen next? 

 In the early 1950s, The US government sent some low-flying aircraft to the USSR mission. But those were at risk of being shot down. So, President Eisenhower approved the secret development of a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft. That was called a U-2 program. One of the first orders of the project was to find a remote area for the base. Groom lake near the Nevada desert was found at a stage. The Area-51 was added to the map. It is known as Paradise Ranch. 

The Myth Behind It- 

The main myth behind it is about the alien. Yes, you heard clearly. It’s about Alien. Sounds good, huh? 

 People Used to think that there are aliens present in Area -51. But is this correct? 

 Let’s jump into it. 

 The U-2 Project was created in the 1950s And started its work in July 1955. As soon as the testing of air crafts started, there came a thousand reports about Unidentified Flying Objects. These were the testing of air crafts. But the common people didn’t get any news about it. So they started to think that those were Aliens’ UFO. 

This fact was established as a correct one. As the planes were flying over Area-51. They started to think that there were having some alien operations inside it. Thus this Myth started to take a shape of a fact. 

Why people would think like that? Didn’t they see any aircraft earlier?  

Yes, they saw thousands of planes and aircraft. 

But in 1950 and earlier time a plane couldn’t cross the height of 20000 feet where U-2 crossed it. For this high altitude, people failed to believe that it was a plane or something like it. This thing was established by Commercial Airplane’s Pilot who never saw something which crossed that much height. So they started to spread this myth as the correct information to the common people. And surprisingly the people of that time believed it.

Strike To see the Area-51- 

 Another thing which makes me so astonished that is The people of that time called a small strike. Guess it? What was it? 

Yes, the reason was Area-51. People threw a report to the authority that they wanted to see what is happening inside the Area-51. On Facebook, they opened an event and started to add people. The Curious people joined it. People thought that all people in the country would join. But a few around 500 people joined the event and only 200 were present on the final day. So, the leading 200 started their Curious Journey towards the Area-51 and the main story began there. 

 When 2 persons have arrested the rest of them started running towards home. Thus the revolutionary strike against Area-51 occurred. Ha hah…. sounds funny. 

Present Situation- 

Nowadays, Area 51 is in much use. According to GOOGLE EARTH, there are constructing new buildings projects there. But one thing to say, that is most often in the early mornings the eagle-eyed visitors see lights in the sky which is moving up and down. Quite interesting, huh?

 No, it’s not about the aliens or the UFOs. It’s mainly the secret contract commuter airline using the call-sign “Janet”. This mainly transports workers from Las Vegas’s McCarran airport to the base. 

What is happening in the Us base? Is it true that 

aliens come here? Does Alien Operations occur there? This question is a mystery until today. Researching about this query aerospace historian and author Peter Merlin says, “The forbidden aspect of Area 51 is what makes people want to know what’s there”. This historian researched about area-51 for 3 decades. So, we can’t let him down.   There may be something in it. Or, there may not be. We, humans, have found a lot more than that of this.

area 51 google map

So, we can have faith that one day we will be informed about it. Another thing that may occur is when we don’t need any Area-51, that time this may be unlocked. That fully depends on the passage of time. For our curiosity, we have to be patient. Yes, this patience can bring you the world’s topmost mystery as an unlocked one. Till then have a good stay and stay with the update. Soon we will have a second part about this.

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