In his book The Origin of the Family, property, and also the State, Friedrich Engels states: this is often why he dominates, which doesn’t require any special legal benefits. within the family, she is that the bourgeoisie, and also the woman is that the proletariat. ”Does the words of the book, written in 184, match our current society in Bangladesh? give some thought to it, yes, it matches, it matches lots. within the society of Bangladesh, women are still under the control of men. Although Bangladesh has provided many roles for ladiesit’s not enough in proportion to the feminine population of the country.

The literacy rate in Bangladesh is above 80 percent, observing it many can say that the education sector and women’s society in Bangladesh has improved lots, I’m not talking about the education sector, I’m talking about women’s society; Women’s society has not improved in the least, women’s society will be said to be still backward. within the society of Bangladesh, the destiny of most ladies continues to be to marry a person and begin a family under him. the event of women’s lives is being stopped through this marriage in our Bangladeshi society, yet Bangladeshi families haven’t commenced the thought that the marriage of ladies is incredibly important. many ladies in our society are still playing the role of the normal wife of her husband, many ladies are becoming pregnant despite their own reluctance to fulfill the sexual needs of the husband, these haven’t yet been off from the society of Bangladesh.

What does one mean by women’s freedom? Or what does one mean by human freedom? Are women truly independent in Bangladeshi society? One by one people will answer these questions one by one, I will say, what I mean by women’s freedom has not yet are available in the society of Bangladesh, women as men as true human freedom is missing in Bangladeshi society, only men are free and independent in Bangladesh society, although men themselves cause plenty of social unrest. It goes through, there’s hypocrisy here, if you do not work effortlessly, men do not get women’s company, even as it’s difficult to earn money in Bangladesh, it’s also difficult to urge women’s company in Bangladesh, to make the society of Bangladesh during this way.
In our Bangladeshi society, what percentage of marriages are loved and the way many marriages are done by parents, although there are not any statistics, there’s no calculation, it’s understood that the quantity of marriages by parents remains higher in Bangladeshi society where social patriarchal doctrine works quite women’s will. within the lifetime of middle-class girls, the prince of dreams doesn’t come whether or not the person comes, suddenly comes the patriarchal boy who doesn’t support women’s freedom, in some cases he can be intimate, but it’s much less.

Marital Rape – This term has begun to be employed in Bangladesh nowadays, and do not you’re thinking that that in Bangladeshi society, marital rape occurs, meaning that after marriage, the husband has sex along with his wife against her will and also the wife cannot say anything for fear of public embarrassment. Doesn’t it want the wife is being forced to possess sex with the husband in the same way? Yes, within the society of Bangladesh these are literally inside, many negative things are still within the society of Bangladesh, this thing is additionally within the society of Bangladesh. The patriarchal society of Bangladesh never tries to grasp the effect of rape on the minds and minds of the raped women. Or what’s going to she say about her husband’s rape when she can’t get out of the house, but what number of people during this so-called healthy society will believe it? The patriarchal system is accountable for the rise within the population of Bangladesh.

Do women in Bangladesh have the liberty to wear clothes? Men in Bangladesh ride motorcycles on their pants and shirts as they wantwhat percentage of women in Bangladesh can and do? the liberty of ladies to wear clothes within the society of Bangladesh isn’t within the true sense, it is often said that there’s no freedom in any respect. consistent with the strict rules of society, women wear clothes and plenty of women feel comfortable wearing conservative clothes without knowing or understanding anything. The introduction of hijab-burqa is advancing within the society of Bangladesh, once you venture out on the streets of Dhaka city you’ll see that the mixture of hijab and burqa, can be the condition of women’s society in Bangladesh. In Bangladeshi society, rape could be a woman’s crime, so she is forced to wear a masculine burqa. Until the beginning of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, women failed to wear the burqa, although they didn’t wear it publicly, the Islamic Revolution made the burqa-hijab compulsory for girls. Now, what does one think if you watch any video or news, movie, etc. about Iran? Hijab is seen on the heads of all Iranian women. Although Iranian women are very advanced in education, they still don’t have the liberty to wear clothes. There aren’t many women in Iran without a hijab. the availability of wearing hijab is state-made in Iran because the Islamic government of Iran is patriarchal. Although wearing hijab or burqa isn’t compulsory in Bangladesh, it’s felt that there’s a social or family obligation within the society of Bangladesh considering the bulk of ladies wearing a burqa.


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