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A trendy Image Format – WebP Developed by Google

Images are one of the most important parts of your web post. Especially, when you
have a tutorial blog or photography website, it becomes a must. But many a time it has been observed that due to images website loads a bit later. It takes time to load when you are adding them. Again, you don’t have anyways open. You must have to add images. What will you do then? 
No, problem. Because the solution is there. A few days ago it was a quite difficult
task. But with the development of WebP by the Developers of the Google team, this
problem has vanished. Maybe you haven’t heard the word. No, problem. Everything
related to WebP will be discussed. 
So, let’s have a quick start- 

What is WebP?

 WebP is mainly image format like Jpg or Png. But what does it give as a benefit?
Actually, it will provide you with lossy and lossless compression for your pictures. It
is said that it compresses 26% of any image compared to its png format. In the case of
Jepg, it is 25-30%. So, you can imagine the benefit. 

A small History of WebP

Actually, WebP is quite similar to the video format VP8. WebP is mainly associated
with the WebM project. These WebP related works were started based on a BSD
license. The first release was on 30 September 2010. Immediately, after one year the
upgraded version released and gain much popularity among the website owners. But
there was some lacking and it vanished after the release of 11 November in 2018.
Now, you are having the lossy and lossless compression for your pictures easily with

What is The Benefit of it?

WebP is tremendous in a word. Ask me why? Because it has made the task of adding
high-quality images to your site quite easier. Some additional support for WebP
container are- 

1.Lossless compression – A picture or image can be compressed easily using WebP as
we mentioned earlier. The percentage of it is near 28% compared to png. 
2.Metadata –  WebP also supports XMP format which quite important. 
3.Transparency – WebP images may have Transparency.  4.Color Profile – ICC which stands for International Color Consortium. WebP images
are providing different Icc embedded profiles. 
5.Animation –  We know about animation. You will be surprised WebP images may
have multiple frames with pauses. 

Those were some advantages which you are getting from WebP. I think it is a blessing
for some website owners like you. Because fast loading is a very important fact. In a
report, it was said that 40% of the visitors leave if they face the loading problem of
any website. I think you are not going to take the risk.

How does it work?

Well, Before using it, we have to know how does it work, isn’t it? Actually, lossy
compression uses predictive coding. Yeah, it’s kind of prediction. It uses the values of
neighboring blocks to predict the value for any particular block. There is some kind of
encoding like micro blocking. 

WebP Support

 Where does WebP support? Well, it is supported in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and
many tools. Not only the browsers but also some software like Adobe Photoshop,
Gimp, or Irfanview support this format. 

How do I convert JPG to WebP?

Nowadays, It’s a very easy process. Many online softwares and also Google’s own
Software is there. So, now I will be talking about Anyconv. The process is given
First, you need to go to then follow the steps-

  • Uploading a Jpg- Well for this click the “choose file” then open a JPG format picture from your computer. Remember it shouldn’t exceed 50 Mb.
  • Converting JPG to WebP- Click the Convert option.Download WebP- When your process is finished click the Download button.
  • You are all done.  

How To convert WebP to JPG? 

Well, sometimes it becomes a headache for some persons while using WebP. They don’t want it. May be you are among them. In this case, what will you do? Ok, don’t worry follow me-

This time we are going to follow the Convertio. So, go to the website. And follow me-

  1. Uploading – First upload your WebP files. For this select files from Computer,
    Google Drive, Dropbox, URL, or by dragging it on the page.
  2. Choose “to jpg” Choose jpg or any other format you need as a result (more than 200 formats supported)
  3. Download your jpg

These were all about WebP. Hope it’s going to help you. Thank you for being with us.

See you in the next.

Founder & CEO, Visualexi


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