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 If you have started your business, you might have heard the name of Digital Marketing. People may also suggest it to you about it. But did you check out the matter? Do you know what is it and How it works? You may not have. But today we will be discussing the matter throughout our conversation. We will be telling you about it. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge about it. Sounds crazy, huh? 

So, without any delay let’s start our topic-

What is Digital Marketing? 

Before knowing the procedure I mean how it works, you have to know that what is it? Actually, Digital marketing is a kind of advertising for your business through online channels. For better understanding, you can take the TV advertisements. You may have noticed that a lot of ads coming when you start to watch any program on TV. Did you think what it is? 

Yes, it’s Digital marketing. It’s a kind of marketing that requires your online presence. According to Investopedia, this a kind of trick to reach the customers relevant to your business. In a nutshell, Digital marketing is an online advertising system that requires electronic devices and assure the growth of your business. 

Why do you need Digital Marketing? 

Yes, why do you need it? You are having a physical store and you are having a lot of customers. Then why do you need it? 

Ok, let me ask you a question. Do you want to be like this? Don’t you want to grow your business? 

If your answer is “No”. Then please quit here. Because if are happy with it, I am not going to bother you. But those who are wanting that their businesses will be big like Amazon, can continue. 

So, now for you guys who are wanting to spread their business Digital marketing is a great opportunity. With the passage of time, internet users and their internet presence have increased a lot. In statistics of Internetworldstats, it has been shown that the percentage of users was 0.4%. But you will be astonished to hear that now the percentage is 62.2%. In the past few years, it has increased by up to 50%. If you convert it to numbers it will be 8317 million. Can you imagine? 

The number of users has increased and your chances also. It is a tremendous chance for you to grow your business. It will give you more benefits than your physical store. So, keep it in mind that You are going to be benefitted by a lot. 

Does it really matter? 

Ok, before explaining it I would like to share an experience. Yesterday morning I was watching a video on youtube. Suddenly, my younger brother came. In that meantime, an ad was playing and it was about a game. My brother became curious about it. He asked me to download it. I astonished that he didn’t even know about it. But after watching an ad he wanted to download. 

You may ask, “I can advertise physically also. What’s the difference then? “

Do you know millions of users spent a lot of money on billboard advertisements in 2015? But now it’s totally dead. Why? Because that failed to serve the customers. And that’s how physical ads failed to reach people. 

You may not go to the road to see the Poster of Mc Donalds. But you are going to see the ads on your social media. Then which one is Effective? Surely, Digital marketing. 

Yes, that’s how it matters. Digital marketing makes customers attracted to your business. When they see any ad about it, they become curious. They want to learn more about it. And thus your business will grow among the mass. 

Types of Online or Digital Marketing 

Well, by the passage of time Digital marketing has gained vast popularity. Not only that it has been categorized in some sectors also. These are- 

1.Seacrh Engine Optimization 
It is mainly known as Seo. Maybe you have heard the word. It is a kind of process for optimizing your content so that the Search Engine like it and ranks it. What does it mean? Actually, it is a kind of process to make your impression on someone. For example- If you are good in front of your boss or teacher, surely you are going to in front when there is competition. Likewise, google or other search engines ranks the good content on her first page. When you are on the first you are going to grow much, 

2. Content Marketing
It is mainly focused on your product. Making your products more attractive to your business. In this case, you need to focus on “How to make the product more attractive to the customers?”. Here contents not only mean the physical ones but also the virtual ones like videos.  

3. Social Media Marketing 
You may have heard it. Yes, it’s Facebook marketing. While scrolling on your newsfeed you might have seen some ads are showing. These are social media marketing. 

4. Email Marketing 
It’s kind of ad through emails. For this, you need to collect emails and send the ads through them. You need to collect the relevant emails not all. 

5. Search Engine Marketing 
This is also the same as Seo and others. You can call a mixture of them. 

How will I grow? I don’t know anything about Digital marketing. Is there any process? 

Yes, We have. We will be discussing the overview and helping the source of it. So, be with us. 

1.Offline Marketing- The first thing you need is Offline marketing in a SmartWay. When you are having a physical shop without having any prior online presence, you need to make the base strong. So, first of all, make it spread in your area. Make your business available for Phone call orders and other services. 

2. Making an online presence-  Ok, when you are done with it. You have to make sure that you have an online presence. How will you do it? It may be a website or a youtube channel or Facebook page where customers will find you.

3. Marketing- Now you can hire some SEO experts or marketers for the growth of your business. 

4. Know the Latest Trends- You need to be updated. You have to know what is the current demand in the market. When you are introduced to it, you can easily guess the demand of customers. In this way, you can make products according to their wish. 

4. Use Your Creativity- Here in digital marketing everything is about your creativity. How will you reach them and how will attract it’s all up to you. 

5. Learn about Analytics- There is something called analytics, you may have heard it. It is the report of your online visitor who is being attracted, who is coming blah blah. So, by using it you may you will be able to target the relevant customers. 

6. Get Some Experience- Don’t make a hurry when you are starting. Have some experiences and apply them in accordance with your need.  

7. Say “Yes” to Anything– When you are having a large business, you need to spread a more. For this you can simply add some more services. So, you need to say”Yes” everything to grow your business. Remember it. 

Can I get All of the above services from any company? Yes. We, the Visualexi team is giving you the full support to grow your online business. We have a lot more services. Digital marketing is one of them. We are giving the best Marketers for your business. If you want to do it on your own, then we are providing the best SEO tools. In a nutshell, you are getting a big package of Digital marketing from us. Don’t be nervous about the price it’s not so high. We consider your situation. So, we will be giving it within your budget. Stay connected and contact for help.

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