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Ecwid- Your E-commerce Solution

Are you having a business and thinking to sell online? Are you want to become visible to worldwide customers? Do you want to grow it more? Then this one is for you. Yes, I am talking about ecwid. Ecwid can be a great platform for you if you want to grow more. I will say an excellent opportunity for you. Don’t worry about how you will work. Just be with me.

So let’s start to grow your business-

What is Ecwid?

First of all, you need to know about Ecwid. So, here is a clear concept. The full form of Ecwid is E-commerce Widget. Actually, it is an online tool that will help you to build your online store. More specifically it will help you to be visible online. But here is the thing that is you can use the Software only. You can’t own it. That means it is software that works as a service. Generally, you can call it SaaS. For using this software you need to pay them monthly. Don’t worry if you are starting new, you can use the free one.

How Ecwid works?

It is quite similar to an e-commerce platform. Actually, it’s like the same. Like the e-commerce site, you can add catalogs of different products. You have also the facility to add images for each product. Not only these but also the facility of shipping rate, payments, and so on. In a nutshell your mini e-commerce site.

But the question is How will you add it to your site?

Well, that’s so easy man. Generally, Ecwid gives you a widget that you can place on your website. How? You can add it only by a few lines of HTML code. I mean the widget.

Ecwid Working Plans-

At the very first I told you that there are two methods. You can use it by paying them or simply use the free one. By this I am going to show you the plans and giving short description-

Ecwid Free Plan-

Ecwid free plan is used for only a few products. Suppose, you have started a new business with only few products. At this stage ecwid free plan can be a great choice for you. But one thing to be mentioned here that is the number of products for Ecwid free plan is upto 10. So,   give your store a better place.

But if you are having a older business. Don’t try this. Why? Because it will not be good for you. The first thing is can’t add more than 10. Again from a SEO point of view it is totally bad. Because it is not that much SEO friendly.  So keep it mind amd use to according to your need.

Paid plans-

Paid plans are basically more effective than free ones. But there also some categories of paid plans are here. These are-


This plan will cost $15 per month which will give you the facility to sell upto 100 products. Pretty one, but coming ones will be prettier.

Business plan-

Ecwid Business plan is mainly for the professional ones, I mean the business man. It requires more than venture. The amount is $35 per month. This one gives you the facility to sell upto 2500, a huge one.


This one for those who have a great platform for their business both physical and online. It allows you to sell an unlimited number of products. About the monthly cost, it will cost $99 per month.

But one thing here. You can choose those plans for annual membership. That one will more cheaper. It will costs the following prices monthly-




You can see a lot cheaper price.

What’s the key differences?

You may think what’s the cause of making such categories?Are there any differences?

Yes. In the case of pf venture, you get the facility to edit but it’s limited. Again many restrictions are given. But in the case of business and an unlimited one, it’s quite open. These two are almost the same. You get the facilities of various things. Some restrictions are in Business but an unlimited one is totally open for you.

But one thing you should keep in mind before choosing that is your need and rate of sell. If it’s seems quite large, you can buy the plans.

Do you really need it?

Well, this answer may vary. Why? Because it’s all up to your demand. If you want to be visible online then it’s a great opportunity for you. But if you are happy with what you have please don’t take it. It will not work for you.

Founder & CEO, Visualexi

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